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This Area is a business platform exclusively for projects related to renewable energy and energy efficiency, it aims to facilitate the connection between developers, intermediaries and investors.

You can find here various projects related solely to renewable energy and energy efficiency in different countries. Some of them seek partners, investors, buyers and / or sellers.
Projects are tested by + INTeligencia ensuring the quality of them, giving them a rating on a multi-criteria analysis function which, inter alia value;
  • Identification of the owners.
  • Accuracy of project documentation.
  • Degree of progress.
  • Estimated time to complete its maturation.
  • Information electricity market in the country origin of the project.
  • Market information on the transaction of projects.
  • 20 MW biomass plant in Caribbean
  • Photovoltaic solar park of 9 MW in Chile
  • Energy efficiency project in Spain.

These developers are looking for partners, investors and / or buyers.

For the full list and to extend information, you should register by sending an email to with the information that we detail below, then receive access codes to use by clicking on the Customer Area.


1) Identification of the Developer / Broker / Investor; Company Name, Country code Fiscal origin, complete address, web, contact tel, email, skype address.
2) Position held by the applicant
3) What are you interested? How I heard from this area?.