Lighting renovation

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The number of facilities, and power consumption has grown in the last decade coligado the urban development of our cities; but now the outdoor lighting installations are undergoing technological and legislative developments that will mark a turning point in the trend of consumption. So, +INTeligencia the Regulation on energy efficiency in external lighting installations (RD 1890/2008), together with the emergence of LED technology and the admission of contracting energy service companies by the government. In recent years +INTeligencia is changing facilities we now know in the lighting of our municipalities and highways, with more efficient ones.

The planned actions involve the replacement of existing fixtures, lamps equipped with conventional technology, equipped with LED lighting technology and incorporating telemanagement systems in dashboards, which allow better cost control and improved maintenance and operation of the facilities. This would normally mean a saving in energy consumption of over 50% compared to baseline. Besides these performance Mendio venifician the environment by reducing CO2 emisines.