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The Bio-construction, as modern and contemporary concept is settling from 25-30 years. Born as a new discipline, which allows clear and encompassing meet common objectives as different as fields of sustainable technologies, Ecology, bioclimatic architecture or public health, with consistency and vision are essential for the development of future planning urban Planning, Architecture and Construction in general.

In all Western countries emerge with more or less force, similar needs, such as:

  • Prevent health problems arising from building materials and both natural electromagnetic fields such as those generated by electrical installations inside and outside a building.
  • Adopt social and environmental balance between the origin and destination of a building material.
  • Apply saving measures and energy efficiency in building design.
  • Analysis of the materials according to their toxicity, their ecological footprint and life.
  • Integration of solar energy systems in buildings and development of measures that will lead to sustainable and efficient management of water.​
Some of the different approaches and points of view has always been of Architecture and Construction, needed a definition that would accommodate ideas and proposals coming from the Traditional Architecture, Green Building, Rehabilitation and Restoration of Heritage, or based approaches that provide certain trends such as the Organic Architecture, Anthroposophic Architecture, Natural Architecture, solar architecture, sustainable construction, as well as the lessons that have come from the hand of the Sacred Geometry, or modern research disciplines such as Bioelectromagnetism or Geobiology.
All these and many other currents, have been built up into something much larger, more modern and coherent under the simple name of Green Building.

It is, therefore, about more than Bioclimática or Ecology: to design and build not only with respect to nature (his strength, materials, etc.) and the Health factor of people who will develop life in those buildings . And it, too, is more than just solar systems or renewable or natural water management, as it covers a number of lessons that enables man to occupy and inhabit a space within a building and be in resonance with one's environment and the creatures that will occupy: Bio (Life) -Construction is merely Building for Life.



     1. Design of efficient buildings in energy consumption and saving resources.
     2. Design of bio-climatic developments.

     3. Processing change land use (specific modifications).
     4. Energy certification under the current rules.
     5. Study of technical and economic viability of air conditioning systems.
     6. Study of technical and economic viability of the systems of water supply, sanitation and water treatment.
     7. Maintenance of biomass facilities.