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+ INTeligencia, has extensive national and international experience in development of projects Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency.

The project's success is our mission and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

+ INTeligencia, bases its competitive advantage in a team with few skills and determining factors to ensure project success capabilities, allowing us to help from the very conception to implementation, through the generation of business model .

Our team does not give up, circumvents the difficulties wisely and strategically manages the processes to anticipate obstacles.

We specialize in:
- Management and coordination of the project.
- Feasibility Analysis
- Management and organization of processes for obtaining permits, licenses and authorizations.
- Selection epecista and negotiation of specifications for the EPC contract.
- Selection of the most appropriate technology.
- Analysis of the location of the plant.
- Environment Effect investigation.
- Basic engineering and development
- Preparation of Bussines Plan.
- Selecting the connection point.
- Analysis and assessment of the electricity market price formation.
- Analysis and evaluation of Appeal